Revision Tips

Hey guys,

This time last year, I was about to take my GCSE’s. I found revision hard, as I wasn’t sure which way worked best for me. Also I was never felt motivated/ in the mood to revise. I thought I would share some tips/advice which helped me.

Before starting to revise, you need to chose the best method for you, and try to understand which learning style is best for you. I found the best way for me was taking text-books/ exercise books, and writing the important information in note form onto a note card. I brought the note cards from amazon. However they are available from most shops. Some other revision ideas include: completing past papers, practise writing essays, asking your friends/family to ask you questions, writing mind-maps, using flashcards, read revision guides and downloading revision apps.

Although it’s important you revise a lot, you shouldn’t over-revise. You should still carry on doing things you enjoy, such as going to sports club, hanging out with friends. You can add these into your revision plan so you know to leave them days revision free. Also when writing the revision plan, you need to make sure you prioritize the subjects that you find the hardest. You should also include plenty of breaks, if you over-revise you won’t remember as much. Take a 15 minutes break after 1 hour of revision. Stay hydrated.

It’s best to try and start revision as early as possible. I wish I started earlier, as near to my exams I was stressed and found it harder it remember things. Also starting earlier, will mean you have more rest time near to exams. When revising, you need to find a quiet area where you won’t get distracted. If you get distracted by your phone or computer put them in a different room.

During the exams you need to try and think positively, if you worry to much about the exams you could forgot something important. During my exam period I was stressed, felt sick and ended up missing some lessons. This meant I missed out on some useful revision time, and tips. If you feel stressed try and talk to your teachers, friends or family about it. Also if you want to talk to me about it you can, you can message me on twitter, leave a comment below, or email me.

I hope you found this useful, and I wish you the best of luck for your exams. Feel free to contact me if you need any help/advice, and I’ll try my best to help you.


Lisa xoxox





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