10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Hey guys,

Today I thought I’d share the things, I would struggle to live without. I haven’t included things such as food and water, but I know you need these to stay alive. Hope you enjoy 🙂


1. Family

My Family are there for me no matter what. They are always supporting me, giving me advice and encouraging me. Whenever I feel like giving up, they talk to me, and keep me going. They make me laugh, even if I’m sad, and they’re great company.

2. Friends

My Friends are the most caring people I know. They’re there for me no matter what, if I’m upset they’ll make me laugh, and try to solve the problem. If I’m stuck on any of my college work, they’ll explain it to me. My friends are like my second family. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

3. Phone

I know I shouldn’t, but I spend quite a lot of time of my phone. If I’m not using it to do research for college, I’m either using it to look through my social media or watch YouTube videos. I also use my phone to comminute with friends, when I’m not around them.

4. Headphones

I love using my headphones to watch YouTube, and listen to music. Headphones block out the noises around me, this helps me to stop, and forget things what are happening in life. Using headphones also means I can listen to music whenever I want,- No one around me can hear the music.

5. Bed

There’s nothing better than getting into a nice comfy bed, after a long day. Being in bed makes me feel safe, and relaxed. I’ve always loved sleep, the longer I sleep the better. I’d rather go to bed and sleep, than go out partying.

6. Dog

My dog is like my best friend. I love being around him, it makes me feel safe and at home. When I’m around him I always feel loved. He’s like a overly excited child. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.15151436_1122997244482338_1039371992_n

7. Make-up

Make-up isn’t something I wear everyday. However when I do wear it, I feel a lot more confident about myself. Even if I don’t wear much, I feel more awake. It makes me look healthier. Also I love that you can create looks for any occasion.

8. Hair Straighteners

I’m not a massive lover of my natural hair. It’s wavy, curly and there’s lots of it. Straightening my hair makes my hair look better. It also makes me feel a lot more confident about myself. I wish I had the time to straighten my hair more often.


9. Face Cleanser and Face Masks

I love the feeling after you have just cleansed, or used a face mask. My face feels so fresh, and healthy. I love knowing that I have just washed all the dirt and grime off my face. It helps keeps my face clear from spots. Also I love how soft my face feels after using some face masks.

10. Blog

Even though I haven’t been doing this blog long, I love it. Sitting down and writing has quickly become one of my favourite things. It makes me feel happy and relaxed. It has become part of my life, and hopefully I’ll be here writing blogs for many years to come 🙂



Lisa xoxox



If you want to keep up to date, please follow me on twitter: deas_lisa

I know I haven’t got many tweets, but I promise I’ll get better at it 🙂








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