My top 5 apps- March 2017

Hey guys,

I’m constantly trying out new apps. However, after a few days I normally delete them, then try something else. These apps are currently my favourite, and I’ve probably had these downloaded for the longest period of time:

1. Snapchat


Snapchat is an app where you post images to your story, or send them to your friends. You can watch your friends stories to see what they post. The story is available to everyone you’ve added, or everyone who’s added you, depending on what you chose in the settings. Each person with the app has a unique username and snapcode. This enables you to find your friends. You can also add and watch many celebrities stories.

What I like about the app:

  • You can use different filters on images. I love messing around with them, and seeing the new ones
  • You can see when someone screenshots your images
  • You can watch celebrities stories, and see what they’ve been up to
  • You can message your friends


2. You Tube


You Tube allows you to watch a range of videos. There’s videos for everyone: Pranks, Vlogs, Tutorials, DIYs etc. You can also watch many music videos, and listen to your favourite songs. You can subscribe to your favourite people, so you don’t miss any videos. You can also share your own videos for the world to see.

What I like about the app:

  • Some videos give great advice and tips, while others make you cry laughing
  • Watching vlogs make you feel apart of that persons life
  • You can create playlists of your favourite videos
  • You can comment on most videos
  • If you click a bell button you can get notifications when your favourite channel uploads


3. Spotify


This app allows you to listen to all your favourite music, from all your favourite artists/bands. You’re able to upgrade to get Spotify premium. This allows you to play music without any ads, you can skip as many songs as you’d like, and you can download music, so you can listen to songs when you have no internet or data.

What I like about the app:

  • You can create playlists, so all your favourite songs are in one place
  • You can listen to artist radios
  • You’re able to follow people, so you listen to there playlists and songs
  • You can listen to songs without having to buy loads of CDs
  • When songs are first realised they go straight on Spotify, so no waiting


4. 8 Ball Pool


This app allows you to play games of pool, against online components or your friends. Before playing the game you get to chose how much money you want to play for. With the money you earn, you can buy things such as a new pool cue, a chat pack and avatars. Every 24 hours you get to spin a wheel, when the wheel stops, whatever the arrow is pointing to is the amount of money you win.

What I like about the app:

  • There is a weekly competition, so you can see how much money you’ve won, and you’re ranked in a league, with your friends, in your country and in the world
  • If you have no internet connection you can use the ‘Practice offline’ mode, this helps you to improve your skills
  • If playing with an online component, you 95% of the time play someone the same ability as you. (Someone around the same level as you)
  • Every hour you can get some free coins
  • You can send gifts to your friends, if they send them back you can get free coins


5. Instagram


Instagram allows you to post and share images with your friends. Before sharing you can add filters, change the brightness and change others things such as the image saturation. Once the image has been posted, people can like and comment on it. You can also use the app to send private messages to your friends. Instagram stories allows you to post images which will be removed after 24 hours. This allows you to share what your up to during the day, also you can see what other are up too.

What I like about the app:

  • You can follow celebrities and see what they post
  • You can change your account to private, so only people you accept can follow you and see your posts
  • You can tag people in images, and they can tag you
  • On the search menu, photos related to the accounts you follow come up. This enables you find new accounts to follow


Here are my 5 top apps for March 2017. Hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂


Lisa xoxox



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