Getting to know me

Hey guys,

Lately I have been looking through some different  ‘About me’ and ‘Get to Know me’ tags. I made note of some of the questions, and I thought I share my answers with you. Hopefully this will help you guys get to know me better 🙂

  1. What is you’re middle name? Margaret
  2. Are you named after anyone? Yep. I got my middle name, Margaret in memory of my mum’s aunty who sadly passed away, just before I was born
  3. Do you have any siblings? How many do you have? I’ve got 1 brother and 2 half-sisters
  4. What is your favourite colour? Blue closely followed by red
  5. How tall are you? 5ft 6
  6. Favourite song? I can’t choose my favourite. It’s between ‘Are You Sure’- Conor Maynard, ‘Supermarket Flowers’- Ed Sheeran and ‘Giants’- Take That
  7. Favourite food? Pizza
  8. Single or taken? Single
  9. Do you have any pets? What are they called? I’ve got a Yorkshire terrier named Teddy Bear but everyone calls him TeddyUntitled.png
  10. Do you speak any different languages? I was taught French at school for about 5 years, also I learnt German for 1 year. However I can only remember a few words or phrases. I’d love to be able to speak in another language
  11. Favourite holiday? This is a hard question. It’s got to be when I went to Kefalonia (Greece) or Wells-next-the-sea (UK)
    Kefalonia 2013
  12. What is your eye colour? Blue
  13. When was the last time you cried? About two and a half weeks ago
  14. What is your favourite shop? Online shop is Amazon, High street shop is probably Superdrug
  15. What is the last thing you brought? I brought Zoella’s ‘She Designed A Life She Loved Stationery Book’ and I also got brought some facemasks to try20170313_162742-120170313_162759-1
  16. Scary movie or happy ending? Happy ending
  17. First thing you notice about people? Personality and smile
  18. Summer or Winter? Summer. Everything about summer makes me smile, especially the warmer weather
  19. Computer or TV? Computer as long as there’s internet. With internet you could use the computer to watch programs -iplayer
  20. PC or mac? I’ve never had a mac so got to say PC
  21. Worst bad habit? Don’t judge, I know it’s disgusting but I bite my nails. I’m trying to stop
  22. Favourite drink? Warm drink would be tea and cold drink would be cherry coca-cola
  23. Favourite restaurant? Wetherspoons and for fast food it’s KFC
  24. Favourite TV show? I loved watching ‘Our Girl’ when it was aired. Currently I’m loving ‘Let’s sing and dance for Comic Relief’
  25. Cats or dogs? Dogs but I love cats too
  26. How many countries have you visited? When I was a few months old I visited Spain, and when I was 13 I visited Kefalonia (Greece)
  27. Worst subject in school? History
  28. Best subject in school? Art in Middle School, Geography in Upper School
  29. Are you in/gone to college? I’m currently at college studying Agriculture
  30. Best moment throughout school? Does the day I left count?
  31. Who is your best friend? Becky, Annabel, Megan and Sophie
  32. Favourite animal? I love most animals but my favourites are dogs, dolphins, polar bears and sheep
  33. Favourite perfume? I don’t have a favourite, I’m always changing and trying new ones
  34. Tea or coffee? Tea, I hate the taste of coffee
  35. What would you name your children? I’ve never thought about this question. But if I was to choose now I would call my daughter Lily and my son Joe
  36. What sports do you/have you played? Growing up I played a few sports- Netball in lower school for a few months, I did tap and ballet for a few years and I’ve played hockey for a few months
  37. Favourite book? Not going to lie, I’m not a massive book reader, but my favourite is probably ‘Caspar Lee’1
  38. Wh0 are some of your favourite youtubers? Joe Sugg, Zoe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Jim Chapman, Jack Maynard, Michael Pearce, Josh Pieters, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Anna and Jonathan Sacconejoly, Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart, John Chapman, Leon Bustin, plus many more
  39. Favourite movie? Joe And Caspar Hit The Road USA and Elf3
  40. What’s your idea of an ideal first date? Something simple such a walk in the park, meal, picnic or cinema
  41. How many boyfriends have you had? I’ve had a few but I’ve only had one long-term boyfriend
  42. Favourite childhood memory? It’s probably when I walked in the house after a day of school and saw my baby half-sister Amy for the first time
  43. How would you describe your fashion sense? Casual
  44. What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy S4
  45. If you could be someone else, who would you be? I’d love to be Zoe Sugg for a day, because i’d get to meet all my favourite people, also i’d get to see what’s it’s like being a youtuber
  46. Do you have any special talents? Nope, not that I know off
  47. Where were you born? In a hospital
  48. What are your hobbies? I love boating, makeup, watching youtube and writing this blog
  49. What do you want to do when you grow up? Career wise i’m not sure, but hopefully i’ll still be writing on here 🙂
  50. Are you married? Nope but hopefully one day

I’ve loved answering these questions. Hopefully you learned something about me. If you decide to answer these questions please comment/tweet me so I can read yours.

Lisa xoxox



Things mentioned: -‘Are You Sure’ Conor Maynard -‘Supermarket flowers’ Ed Sheeran -‘Giants’ Take That -Zoella Stationery Book -Face Masks -Wetherspoons -KFC -Our Girl -Let Sing And Dance For Comic Relief -Caspar Lee Book -Joe And Caspar Hit The Road USA -ELF

People Mentioned: -Joe Sugg -Zoella -Caspar Lee -Jim Chapman -Jack Maynard -Michael (Mikey) Pearce -Josh Pieters -Marcus Butler -Alfie Deyes -Anna and Jonathan SacconeJoly -Tanya Burr -Niomi Smart -John Chapman and Leon Bustin (The Lean Machines)




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